Hi, I’m Martha Huk and I founded Hedgeford & Berkley, a boutique renovation firm that challenges the status quo on house renovation and design.

I’m an engineer by trade and started renovating houses for fun over a decade ago. Now when I say fun, for those of you who also renovate - for fun, you know it’s a labour of love that somehow makes working 18 hour days seem ok. I was 20 when I bought my first house and followed in my parents' footsteps to tackle a renovation solo.

I continued to buy and renovate houses and soon realized I was addicted to the transformation process. I wanted to create exceptional design and invested the time to properly plan and select materials. I ignored the naysayers and those who had never renovated a day in their lives but felt the compelling need to warn me about the perils of “over renovating”. I grew frustrated with contractors who couldn’t care less about the finishes and those who gave me lectures on “you should design in a neutral palette so you can appeal to the masses”.

I didn’t want to appeal to the masses.

I wanted to appeal to the people who cared about living in well designed homes that were also built to last. I felt proud that people who bought my places didn’t have to worry about what was “hidden behind the walls” from a quick renovation. I stuck to this belief and sold each of my renovated homes for record prices - always the day the For Sale sign went on the lawn.

So fast forward to the part where I quit the day job that I love and jump off the cliff to become an entrepreneur…

Ultimately, I grew beyond the frustration of trying to find a contractor who was also an interior designer and a designer who had the technical knowledge to lead a renovation. I’m lucky enough to be married to another engineer who also knows a thing or two about renovating houses and together we’ve created a team who’s built a reputation of exceeding expectations in the renovation and design business.

So while we can’t take on everyone’s project, if you share our vision for wanting more from your renovation, we may just be the perfect fit.

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