Martha Huk

Hedgeford & Berkley

Founded in 2015 to address a need in the renovation industry, Hedgeford and Berkley pairs functional, high-quality building and renovations with luxurious, exceptionally thoughtful interior design.

Founded by Martha Huk – an engineer by trade with an unparalleled drive for modern aesthetics – Hedgeford and Berkley has firmly established itself as a design and build firm that turns the traditional approach to construction and design on its head.

My Unique Approach

Design & Build, From Start to Finish

At Hedgeford and Berkley, our goal is to reimagine the entire design and build process. We work with clients to understand the functionality they are looking to achieve, and let that vision lead the design process.

A decade of experience and team of professionals means a commitment to the craft. We pride ourselves on ensuring client satisfaction through completion of each project. We’re able to translate bold dreams into a reality often beyond what our clients could ever anticipate, and we achieve this through our deep understanding of structure and design.

With a dedicated, quality-focused team and a deep portfolio working with bold, visionary clients, our bespoke approach has generated multiple industry awards, media coverage, and a sizeable waitlist. With a focus on fostering strong client relations and working in partnership with local craftspeople, the Hedgeford and Berkley team prides itself on tough work ethic, technical capacity, and unsurpassable drive for client satisfaction.

We focus on whole-home renovations, cottages, and sustainable solutions to design challenges. If you’re looking to transform your space, we welcome you to submit your project details to explore whether we’d be a good fit.

Canada’s Top Designer

From being handpicked to compete in the Tommy Smythe-hosted Search for Canada’s Next Designer, featured in House & Home, and most recently shortlisted as one of the top 12 Global designers, Martha Huk and the Hedgeford and Berkley team have earned their fair share of recognition for outstanding technical and creative talent. Turning heads since day one, this is a team cut from a different cloth.