The Recording Studio
May 1, 2014
Clean & Modern
April 29, 2014


Haute Dining

For this full-kitchen renovation, bespoke was the name of the game - and we didn’t hold back.

Our client wanted to bring in the feel of a luxurious, big-city lounge to match their stunning kitchen views. From top to bottom, we wanted to bring in the functionality that would make this space work on a daily basis, with an elegant style to elevate those weekend dinner parties.

This is not your cookie-cutter kitchen. This show-stopping room showcases custom-made brass hardware with honed marble throughout. You might also catch a peek of the disguised door leading to an appliance pantry. Refinished floors polish off the space, with a transition to groutless marble floors that is seamless and stunning. Custom-made trim, built ins and wood features were all built on site by our in-house team.

You will never find another one like it...and that's our favourite part.