CJ MAC — Residential

Hedgeford & Berkley’s attention to detail and visionary designs are unparalleled. They went above and beyond every step of the way for us. The ultimate professional, Martha is a rare gem and we are truly indebted to her and her team for their care and dedication to our project. Without question, our home would be nowhere near what it is, had she not agreed to take on our project.

ANSHUMAN S. — Residential

Martha and I connected immediately, she understood intrinsically how meaningful this studio was to me and approached it with a huge amount of care, patience and passion. The energy and willpower that H&B brings to the table is unparalleled. This team thrives on creating next level designs and their attention to detail is impeccable. H&B have created one of the the most beautiful studios in the world for me.

KATHY M. — Residential

If you need structural and design work from one company, H&B is my highly recommended choice. It is amazing. Transformative. Martha and her crew did what other folks didn’t dream of. Hedgeford and Berkley is what you get when you wish for structural and design knowledge in one mind. The team were respectful and tireless from day one. We are delighted.


We hired Martha and the team at Hedgeford & Berkley to take on the task of remodeling our master suite and guest bathroom. From first impression to the date of completion, my husband and I have been beyond satisfied with the service, quality, workmanship, dedication and knowledge these lovely folks have given us. Martha has gone above and beyond her job – what a great person, thanks so much!

TAREK K. — Residential

We worked with Martha to create our dream home; the end results are something than can only be described as jaw dropping. Communication was prompt and she never made a decision on a whim. It was alway reassuring to hear “let me think about it” as she calculated every end result to give that wow factor. Martha has created a house that’s beyond anything we could have come up with alone.

KEMI O. — Residential

Martha was extremely professional and went over and beyond what I expected. Despite my project being done 1000km away, she was always available to field questions and keep the project on track. Her strong attention to detail and pure talent combines to create results that are simply exceptional. Hardly a day goes by when my house does not bring a smile to my face, and I credit that to Martha.

SUSAN W. — Residential

Hedgeford & Berkley took our unfinished basement from a drab, empty space to a ‘magazine spread’ beautiful yet functional location that the entire family enjoys! Their design vision was absolutely stunning and perfectly executed by meticulous and tireless staff. Their customer service is impeccable and I highly recommend Hedgeford & Berkley.

KAREM T. — Residential

Martha was an absolute pleasure to work with! Her eye for design and her professional and punctual approach to every meeting and interaction was fantastic. We really appreciated her professional opinions and feedback during the course of our design. She had wonderful and helpful tips and ideas and really brought our vision to life through a different lens.

TIM G. — Residential

We were fortunate enough to be able to work with Hedgeford & Berkley on a large-scale design for our home. We were running up against problems with existing contractors and Hedgeford & Berkley not only saved our project, but created a design that we absolutely loved. It is unusual to come across such integrity, honesty, and exceptional skill in a design firm and we would highly recommend them.

BRYAN T. — Residential

It difficult to put in to words how incredibly happy we are with our experience. We have now completed three major renovation projects in our home and without a doubt the overall process, as well as the final results of this project have greatly exceeded the others. Hedgeford & Berkley created a stunning transformation for us that has no doubt added to the value of our home.

KAREN S. — Residential

I believe Hedgeford & Berkley is an incredible company because Martha Huk marries her engineering vision, precision, functional focus, design principles, flair, and competence with the very personal and idiosyncratic preferences of her client. She has been extraordinary in her bountiful ideas, trades resourcing, rapid responding and warmth to create that. I’m convinced of her capacity to be successful however she creates the future of Hedgeford & Berkley.

KAMRAN SARWAT — Residential & Commercial

I would highly recommend Martha and her team to anyone who want the perfection. She is awesome and very hard working.